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Websites and blogs are a way of promoting one's business, idea or product. Blogs have been the most preferred choice as it is easy to operate and brings in traffic from all across the globe. However blogging takes time as well as money as you need to be constantly updating your site with fresh content, keeping in mind that Google always changes its algorithms so do search engine optimization tricks. You can find the best digital marketing agency in uae in order to rank your website. 

This is a very helpful post for both beginners and expert blogger. If you are searching on web about how to rank your website on google then you are at right place, Today in this article I am sharing latest tips to increase the ranking of your blog. This is not an overnight process; it may take anywhere from 3-6 months for you to see any sort of traffic coming from SEO (SEO = search engine optimization). 

When you blog/create a website, there would be people looking at your posts and may even engage with you if they find it interesting or informative about a particular topic. You can also participate in discussions over forums to engage readers on a number of topics. If readers like what they read, they will you which will mean more traffic and more incoming leads and potential customers.

What keywords should we use?

One of the most essential parts to blogging is choosing a keyword that people would be interested in and type into Google to search for interesting blogs/ websites. It is also essential as it helps with SEO so you can rank higher than other results on Google. You can check out your competition by checking what keywords they are ranking for using the Google Keyword Planner Tool. Also, if they rank high on certain keywords, you will need to give yourself some time before you achieve the same results as them. The top digital marketing agency in uae can allow your website to rank on google top pages using high quality keywords. 

You should also blog about popular topics related to your industry. But do not copy other people's content or there might be copyright issues against you which may lead to penalties in Google search.

If you are in the Travel industry, it is best to blog about places you have visited or read about which will help people who are also interested in the particular place so they can check out your blog for more information. Also, if someone finds what you write valuable, they may link back to one of your posts by mentioning it on their site or share it using social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. It is also helpful if they post a picture of their visit (if its not an image that you didn't take yourself)so that people want to click on the link and find out more. You can easily request permission from them by following them on these sites and then send them a private message asking for permission for sharing and they would be happy to give it.

1) Website Content

The content should be really good which is informative and up to date because Google likes fresh content. No one wants to read out-of-date information!

2) Get Links From Other Bloggers And Websites With Similar Niche

This is one of the most powerful methods to boost your ranking. If you can get links from popular websites then it is really helpful for your blog.

3) Make An Outstanding Design For Your Website

Design of website is also an important thing which every blogger should think about before creating a blog because Google love good looking websites so make sure that design of your site must be impressive and outstanding which can attract visitors. To create the best website, you can hire the best online marketing dubai company like Webtek Digital. 

4) Comment On Other Websites And Blogs With Similar Topic

It is not so hard now to find blogs in similar niche, just find some high PR (page rank) blog comment on their post with related topic/niche which will bring backlinks to your site and improve search engine ranking

5) Submit Your Blog to Search Engines

This is the most common method by which people will find your blog, so it is very important to submit your site/blog to search engines. But make sure that you are submitting your blog in right way!

6) Write Unique Articles For Every Posting And Don't Plagiarize

Plagiarizing content may be very harmful for blogs because Google will never allow you to do this thing. You should know about copyright issues and other things related to plagiarism & write unique articles for every post.

8) Don't Use Bad Language Or Offensive Words In Your Content

Google don't like offensive articles on blogs, So avoid bad language on your site, write articles with good tone and make a good impression.

9) Provide Your Visitors With Visuals & Videos

One of the most powerful ways to attract visitors is to include images, videos and diagrams in your posts. Google loves this type of content as well, so try to do that whenever possible if you want more traffic from search engines.

10) Make A Schedule And Stick To It

Don't stop blogging just because you are new one but keep writing post on regular basis it will help to bring backlinks from other popular sites and improve your rankings. This all process may take few months so don't expect overnight results, keep working hard! Thanks for reading this article about "Increase Ranking of Your Blog". Please share your feedback below comment section and stay tune to this blog for latest updates.

So, if you need the right solution to rank your business, find the best online marketing dubai company to help you. 

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